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This is a PAST Campaign we did and was very successful. We are excited for all of the projects coming in 2014.

” Patches Fuzzy Hugs Campaign “

A Child is a Blessing and a Precious Gift from Heaven!

For this campaign, we want the focus to be on the children in our lives, and the things they need from us to help them grow into the emotionally healthy adults we always hope for them to become. By nature, a child’s heart is filled with hope, laughter and innocence. When a child is abused however, be it emotionally, physically or sexually, these natural feelings – the “light” inside, will begin to fade. If left unattended and unloved, this light will fade away to nothing, and with it a child’s feeling of self worth. The child is then left with nothing but feelings of shame and self loathing, yet is thrown into a world that requires them to hide these feelings if they want to be accepted. Knowing no better, the child is left to live the rest of his or her life portraying the image the world wants - someone with the “light” inside, while really not having any light at all.

So how do we stop this from happening? What can we do to keep these children from living their lives with these feelings of shame buried deep inside? As a survivor of my own horrific abuse and neglect my entire childhood, I know how desperately I needed to relight the darkness in my soul. My passion for the past 20 years has been helping others really understand what it is like to be that child, to have these feelings buried within. My goal through this campaign is to help show you, the adults in our children’s lives, how to carry your own light, and use it to relight the candle of a child who once had hope, laughter and innocence in their heart.